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We Are Looking For The Following Machines
Please contact us if you have any of this equipment available, along with price, location, availability, & specifications.
4 HKS2 28/32 E 170" 72000+ 1988+
4 HKS3 28/32 E 170" 72000+ 1988+
4 KS4 28/32 E 170" 72000+ 1988+
4 RD6-DPLM 22 E 75" 60000+  
  GANG #144 H or K, #151, #171 A, B, or D
We need 1 late Model Lycra Warper with creel 1360 ends. We prefer model# DSE-H 50/30.
We need 2 Karl Mayer Warpers and creel 1400 ends, not older than 5 years. We prefer model# DS 42/32 NC for 30" x 42 and 32" x 42" beams.
We are looking for compound needle type needle bars. Please contact us if you are interested in selling your new or used compound needle bars for Karl Mayer or Liba knitting machines. We will purchase either with or without needles.
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